Caption Fun Challenge

There were some very funny captions put to the photos – Mike had a very hard time choosing but here are the best entries…….

Susan Gordon

Welcome Meester Bond, I’ve been expecting you (evil voice) – Susan Gordon

Heather Sharkey

 Do I have to wear this? I’m meeting the boys at the park! – Debbie Krukowski

Lynda Gordon

 Ccchhhiiipppppssss!!!! – Heather Sharkey

******Best Photo******

Alan Meek

Care in The Community Doesn’t Work – Kevin Dawson

Eileen Rodgers

Oh no what have I just trodden in! – Annette Murty

Susan Gordon

*****Best Overall Caption****

(Mike is a big fan of the Prisoner so might be teeny bit biased here!)

I am not a number – I am a free lamb! – Pamela Adam

Lynda Gordon

Homeschool they said, it’ll be fun they said! Anna Horne

Pamela Stuart

Twiggy leaves the house after lockdown ends…Susan Gordon

Pamela Stuart

What do you mean you can’t fly? – Pamela Stuart

Heather Sharkey

Reigning hide and seek champion loses his crown due to rookie error – Anna Horne

Alan Meek

Captain’s log: Appears to be a camera club, no sign of intelligent life, beam me up Scotty – Alan Meek

Lynda Gordon

It feels like a teapot…I’ll get a cup of tea when I go to the hairdressers (wistful sigh) – Susan Gordon

Pamela Adam

You’re not getting out during lock-down – Sharron Forsyth

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