Textures – May 2020

(Remember to click on the galleries to view the photos at full size..)

Another great set of entries… in the words of our judge Trevor Stuchbury

There was an excellent set of entries making decisions difficult. However the results are:

First Place: Rob Romani
This shot has an immediate impact. It displays textures at several levels from the fine structure of the ground cover to the rolling nature of the land. The impressive level of detail combined with the subtle colours and delicate shading produce a very satisfying image.

Second Place: Eileen Rodgers
The rough nature of the surface of the wood and the grooves contrast very well with the smooth and shiny surface of the ladybird. The view along the grooves combined with the carefully adjusted depth of focus add impact and direct the eye to the insect.

Third Place: Karen Burgoyne

This is an intriguing and mystifying image. The textures vary from one side of the image to the other and the variable gaps, changing brightness and swirling shapes combine to produce a striking image.

Congratulations to the winners – all great photographs. However there were plenty more good submissions….

As you would expect we managed to find plenty of textures in the natural world around us,

From trees …….

To leaves and plants …….

Then we had our animal friends – well some of them are friends!

We had wonderful textural landscapes …..

and mad made textures too ……

Perhaps most interesting, though, were the totally random things that we found to photograph ……

Well done everyone!!!

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