Textures – May 2020

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Another great set of entries… in the words of our judge Trevor Stuchbury

There was an excellent set of entries making decisions difficult. However the results are:

First Place: Rob Romani
This shot has an immediate impact. It displays textures at several levels from the fine structure of the ground cover to the rolling nature of the land. The impressive level of detail combined with the subtle colours and delicate shading produce a very satisfying image.

Second Place: Eileen Rodgers
The rough nature of the surface of the wood and the grooves contrast very well with the smooth and shiny surface of the ladybird. The view along the grooves combined with the carefully adjusted depth of focus add impact and direct the eye to the insect.

Third Place: Karen Burgoyne

This is an intriguing and mystifying image. The textures vary from one side of the image to the other and the variable gaps, changing brightness and swirling shapes combine to produce a striking image.

Congratulations to the winners – all great photographs. However there were plenty more good submissions….

As you would expect we managed to find plenty of textures in the natural world around us,

From trees …….

To leaves and plants …….

Then we had our animal friends – well some of them are friends!

We had wonderful textural landscapes …..

and mad made textures too ……

Perhaps most interesting, though, were the totally random things that we found to photograph ……

Well done everyone!!!

Caption Fun Challenge

There were some very funny captions put to the photos – Mike had a very hard time choosing but here are the best entries…….

Susan Gordon

Welcome Meester Bond, I’ve been expecting you (evil voice) – Susan Gordon

Heather Sharkey

 Do I have to wear this? I’m meeting the boys at the park! – Debbie Krukowski

Lynda Gordon

 Ccchhhiiipppppssss!!!! – Heather Sharkey

******Best Photo******

Alan Meek

Care in The Community Doesn’t Work – Kevin Dawson

Eileen Rodgers

Oh no what have I just trodden in! – Annette Murty

Susan Gordon

*****Best Overall Caption****

(Mike is a big fan of the Prisoner so might be teeny bit biased here!)

I am not a number – I am a free lamb! – Pamela Adam

Lynda Gordon

Homeschool they said, it’ll be fun they said! Anna Horne

Pamela Stuart

Twiggy leaves the house after lockdown ends…Susan Gordon

Pamela Stuart

What do you mean you can’t fly? – Pamela Stuart

Heather Sharkey

Reigning hide and seek champion loses his crown due to rookie error – Anna Horne

Alan Meek

Captain’s log: Appears to be a camera club, no sign of intelligent life, beam me up Scotty – Alan Meek

Lynda Gordon

It feels like a teapot…I’ll get a cup of tea when I go to the hairdressers (wistful sigh) – Susan Gordon

Pamela Adam

You’re not getting out during lock-down – Sharron Forsyth

WhatisThis? Fun Challenge

It is always difficult to judge how hard these will be, especially when the first two I put up were guessed on Facebook within minutes! However I am pleased that some of the other photos had you guessing a bit longer. Also there were some good (and amusing) guesses that gained bonus points.

So yes the red thing with a hole was indeed a small funnel – I can’t believe you got thats quickly Alan Meek as I thought it was really hard!!!

And no I wasn’t trying to trick you with the cheese grater Anna -I was being kind and giving you an easy one! However I did like Sallie’s guess of a car sunblind.

Day two did prove a little harder. No one got it correct but a couple of bonus points were picked up with good guesses of skewers and chopsticks.

More points were gained on Day three – you must have all been out in the garden. No one picked up any extra points for naming the flowers as polyanthus, though I agree the purple flower did look like a pansy.

Day 4 – well if you knew me better you would know my favourite tipple on a Friday night (and maybe other nights too) is a Peroni! You can just make out part of the distinctive lettering if you look hard enough (I maybe did cut a bit too much off – sorry!) Eileen well done for being the only person to guess it was a bottle. Anna – too suspicious again -but points for ingenuity and guessing a lens taken with a green filter on the flash!

Day 5 saw almost everyone guessing a stud for one point with a bonus point also being given for a sink plug. However you missed the important background that made is obvious (to me!!) that is was the stud on a battery!!

Day 6 had everyone stumped apart from Sallie who must have the same eating preferences as me! Again we had some excellent guesses: I thought Pamela’s net over fruit was a good guess as was Anna’s exfoliator thing, but my favourite was a pet giraffe from Eileen!! It was in fact the skin of a Galia Melon!

So the final results are……..

In first place with a total of 9 points is Eileen Rodgers!!!

In second place with a total of 8 points is Pamela Stuart

And close behind with a total of 7 points each are Anna Horne and Sallie Antill.

Oh and by the way the judges decision is final – don’t even try to work out my marking system!!!

Thank you so much ladies for being such good sports even though it was clearly rather a tricky competition.

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