SPF Digital Championship Jan 2021

For the first time Visions decided to enter a competition run by the Scottish Photographic Federation. Covid actually made this easier as it could all be done online without the need to attend the competition. Trevor StuchburyTrevor Stuchbury The SPF ran two separate competitions depending on how many photographs you wanted to enter. Each photographer... Continue Reading →

Textures – May 2020

(Remember to click on the galleries to view the photos at full size..) Another great set of entries... in the words of our judge Trevor Stuchbury There was an excellent set of entries making decisions difficult. However the results are: First Place: Rob RomaniThis shot has an immediate impact. It displays textures at several levels... Continue Reading →

Caption Fun Challenge

There were some very funny captions put to the photos - Mike had a very hard time choosing but here are the best entries....... Susan Gordon Welcome Meester Bond, I've been expecting you (evil voice) - Susan Gordon Heather Sharkey  Do I have to wear this? I’m meeting the boys at the park! - Debbie... Continue Reading →

WhatisThis? Fun Challenge

It is always difficult to judge how hard these will be, especially when the first two I put up were guessed on Facebook within minutes! However I am pleased that some of the other photos had you guessing a bit longer. Also there were some good (and amusing) guesses that gained bonus points. So yes... Continue Reading →

Online photo competition – ‘NEW’

There was an amazing response to this competition - thank you all so much. You have proved Visions members are not only good photographers but are also expert at using their imaginations and fitting whatever photos they have to hand to the theme in question! I found it very hard to pick a winner, but... Continue Reading →

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