We will collate here some of the things presented at Visions club meetings. Primarly aimed at those still fairly new to photography and a place to look things up if you were not at the meeting.

November 2018 Kevin started a series on how to use flash/strobe/speedlight

September 2018 Rob did a wee presentation on how not to loose your photos and find them faster in Lightroom. Images of the powerpoint are here if you missed the talk or fell asleep (quite likely given the boring subject mattter).

In April 2018 we had a presentation by Rob Romani and Alan Meek with some practical demo’s and hands on practice. We demonstrated the effect of aperture on depth of field with cameras linked to the TV screen. And the importance of selecting the appropriate focus mode and point(s).

Links to the five slides packs are below:

The subject was  1-Exposure: controlled by  2-Aperture, 3-Shutter speed and 4-ISO and how each has  different advantages and pitfalls.

And a brief discussion of the mode dial often marked with 5-PASM and some pictograms.

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