Any questions please contact Annette Murty, Competition Secretary

Most photos should be entered into PhotoEntry. You should be given a login to this when you joined Visions. This program allows you to upload new photos and also, for some competitions, to select previous entries to add to a new competition. It also allows members to view and/or judge a competition when appropriate.

Competitions at Visions




Thursday 23rd June – Teams picked at club

Thursday 7th July – ‘Reflections’ outing 

Thursday 14th July – Mirrors practical at club

Wednesday 24th August – Photos to team leader

Thursday 25th August – Team critique night to select team entries

Thursday  15th September – Judging night (to be confirmed)

Reflections – Team Competition

Rules: New photos. Which team can take the winning “Reflections” photo? One or two entries per team member.

To be clear your only commitment would be to provide new reflection photos to your team leader by 28th August.  All other activities are optional. 

Autumn Quarterly