Any questions please contact Annette Murty, Competition Secretary

Most photos should be entered into PhotoEntry. You should be given an account on this when you joint Visions. This program allows you to upload new photos and also for some competitions to select previous entries to add to a new competition. It also allows for members to view and/or judge a competition when appropriate.




Member judging: now until
Mon 30th Nov ( just for fun, no affect on results)

Awards Thurs 3rd Dec

Photo of the Year


Ends: Sun 13th Dec

Thursday 17th Dec

Facebook #BlackandWhite


End: Wed 25th November

Member judging:
26th Nov until 5th December.

Panel selection: 7th Dec

SPF Digital Championship

We are entering 15 of our best image with 8 selected for round 1. SPF judging will be based on the first 8 and the best 4 of the rest i.e. 12 photos. There are individual awards and club awards.


Start: December 17th 2020
End: January ?2021

Member Voting:

Competition Day at Elgin: 24th April, 2021

Grampian Eye