Any questions please contact Annette Murty, Competition Secretary

Most photos should be entered into PhotoEntry. You should be given a login to this when you joined Visions. This program allows you to upload new photos and also, for some competitions, to select previous entries to add to a new competition. It also allows members to view and/or judge a competition when appropriate.

Competitions at Visions




Start: current
End: 7th May
Judged: 12th May

Blue and/or Yellow (in support of the people of Ukraine)

Rules: New photos preferred but any photos taken this year may be used. Who can find the most blue and yellow photos around Aberdeen?
Please enter only one with the hashtag #blueyellow to be judged but upload as many as you can.

Facebook Fun Challenge

Start: current
End: Sat 11th June
Judged. 23rd June

Summer Quarterly: Open

Rules: To encourage as many people as possible to participate this will be an open competition.

Two photos per person may be entered to PhotoEntry. Either two photos from 2022 or one photo from 2022 and one from any time.

Choose which tier to enter (Diamond is the upper level,Ruby is the lower level) but put both photos in the same tier.

There will be an external judge, announced shortly.