Any questions please contact Sue Heard, Competition Secretary

Most photos should be entered into PhotoEntry. You should be given a login to this when you joined Visions. This program allows you to upload new photos and also, for some competitions, to select previous entries to add to a new competition. It also allows members to view and/or judge a competition when appropriate.

Competitions at Visions

Closing dateQuarterly Competition Subject: NATUREJudging
1st JuneRules: Up to 2 photos per person can be submitted to the competition. One photo can be taken any time. The second photo must have been taken since 1st March 2023 i.e in the previous quarter.Internal by club members on the night
The Quarterly Competition is an informal one, intended to encourage members to go out and take photos of subjects they might not normally have chosen. It’s a chance to find out what could be improved in your submitted photos and hopefully make you a better photographer. The more photos you take and look at critically. the more your images will improve. But really it’s about enjoying photography, more than scoring points in a competition.