Visions FB page August 2019

A unusual amount of images were posted this month, quite a few excellent street photos from London by Graeme Youngson, of which I’ve chosen just a few. We had trips out to Huntly for raptor photography, an evening architecture shoot at RGU , an evening playing around with glass indoors. Annette posted images from Canada, Alan and Kevin went out to shoot the moon. Some members visited a steam fair at Crathes, and I posted a few from England. Enjoy!

Visions FB page April 2019

Spring is here, food photography, wildlife and street photography this month. And of course on the 27th we had Grampian Eye 2019 organised by Visions this year. Separate page for that here.

From Visions FB page Feb 2019

February saw an outing to photograph squirrels and birds, indoor fun with light bulbs going up in smoke, splashing strawberries and portraits. Earlier we had a cold outdoor shoot doing light trails on the AWPR followed by warming coffee courtesy of Steve at Kippie Lodge.

From Visions FB page January 2019

A hugely varied collection despite being one of the darker and colder months. Some nice collections from Derek Gray, interestingly lit portraits by Kevin Dawson and Martin Harrower, travel photos from Japan from Annette Murty, Spain from Graeme Youngson, club nights from Pamela, etc etc. Click on any of the images to see a slideshow with the photographer’s name underneath.

December 2018 FB images

December was the month when we had a fire spinning outing to the beach, reported earlier. Below a selection of some of the many images posted on Facebook.

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