WhatisThis? Fun Challenge

It is always difficult to judge how hard these will be, especially when the first two I put up were guessed on Facebook within minutes! However I am pleased that some of the other photos had you guessing a bit longer. Also there were some good (and amusing) guesses that gained bonus points.

So yes the red thing with a hole was indeed a small funnel – I can’t believe you got thats quickly Alan Meek as I thought it was really hard!!!

And no I wasn’t trying to trick you with the cheese grater Anna -I was being kind and giving you an easy one! However I did like Sallie’s guess of a car sunblind.

Day two did prove a little harder. No one got it correct but a couple of bonus points were picked up with good guesses of skewers and chopsticks.

More points were gained on Day three – you must have all been out in the garden. No one picked up any extra points for naming the flowers as polyanthus, though I agree the purple flower did look like a pansy.

Day 4 – well if you knew me better you would know my favourite tipple on a Friday night (and maybe other nights too) is a Peroni! You can just make out part of the distinctive lettering if you look hard enough (I maybe did cut a bit too much off – sorry!) Eileen well done for being the only person to guess it was a bottle. Anna – too suspicious again -but points for ingenuity and guessing a lens taken with a green filter on the flash!

Day 5 saw almost everyone guessing a stud for one point with a bonus point also being given for a sink plug. However you missed the important background that made is obvious (to me!!) that is was the stud on a battery!!

Day 6 had everyone stumped apart from Sallie who must have the same eating preferences as me! Again we had some excellent guesses: I thought Pamela’s net over fruit was a good guess as was Anna’s exfoliator thing, but my favourite was a pet giraffe from Eileen!! It was in fact the skin of a Galia Melon!

So the final results are……..

In first place with a total of 9 points is Eileen Rodgers!!!

In second place with a total of 8 points is Pamela Stuart

And close behind with a total of 7 points each are Anna Horne and Sallie Antill.

Oh and by the way the judges decision is final – don’t even try to work out my marking system!!!

Thank you so much ladies for being such good sports even though it was clearly rather a tricky competition.

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