Online photo competition – ‘NEW’

There was an amazing response to this competition – thank you all so much. You have proved Visions members are not only good photographers but are also expert at using their imaginations and fitting whatever photos they have to hand to the theme in question!

I found it very hard to pick a winner, but I went for the photo that made me happy. This lovely bluetit from Lynda Gordon sitting on a twig of newly emerged cherry blossom gets first place. The bird is sharp and the light in the bird’s eye really made the photo. There is no clutter in the background just a wonderful blue sky that we don’t see too often. A lovely photo.

1st place:New Blossom Lynda Gordon

The photo that came a very close second was this wonderful shot of the last new moon by Trevor Stuchbury.

2nd place: New Moon – Trevor Stuchbury

In third place I am going for another shot that made me smile – these little baby feet by Sharron Forsyth. I love the lines on the feet and the detail in the hand knitted clothes behind them.

3rd Place: Sharron Forsyth – New Baby

There were so many other interesting photos submitted to this competition:

We had new animals …

We had new flowers and plants

We had a lovely New Dawn from Martin

New Dawn – Martin Harrower

We learnt a lot too:

We learnt about viruses in trees causing growth like nests; we learnt the difference between frogspawn and toad spawn, we learnt that the bird scarer season had just started and we leant about a new Brexit coin that had been minted.

We had these imaginative interpretations from Heather, Graeme and Annette

Finally we had a very topical photo from Alan – a new toilet roll – Don’t all rush at once!!

New Toilet Roll – Alan Meek

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