Fire Spinning on the beach 5 April 2018

Kevin organised a brilliant evening on the beach to demonstrate his fire spinning skills. An unprecedented number of Visionares turned up near the Beach Ballroom armed with with cameras and tripods. Basically Kevin stuffs some fine wirewool in a whisk attached to a piece of string. He lights the wirewool with a small battery and swings the whisk around. It is advisable to stay well clear as the sparks fly a considerable distance. Not that impressive to see in real time, but when it is dark enough and you take a long enough exposure (10 secs or so) the resulting image is quite spectacular. Below a small selection  culled from Facebook. Fascinating to see the different shots that were posted up.

A small plantation of tripods

It took a while to get dark enough, so there was a bit of talk amongst yourselves before the fireworks started.

Sharon Forsyth.jpg
Sharon Forsyth
Sharon Forsyth 2.jpg
Sharon Forsyth
Anna Horne.jpg
Anna Horne
Rob Romani.jpg
Rob Romani
Tony jones 1.jpg
Tony Jones
Gregor McAbery.jpg
Gregor McAbery

Someone suggested we used the Beach Ballroom as a backdrop, very effective.

Alan Meek.jpg
Alan Meek

Later the action moved to the tunnel under the road which produces a nice rectangular frame.

David Davidon 3.jpg
David Davidson
David Drage 1.jpg
David Drage
Michele Emsley 1.jpg
Michele Emsley
Michele Emsley 2.jpg
Michele Emsley
David Davidson.jpg
David Davidson
David Davidson2.jpg
David Davidson
Kirsty Russell.jpg
Kirstie Russell

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