Thursday 22 November we had a workshop on `Photography using Cross Polarisation organised by Michele Emslie. As you can see this involves using an LCD screen as the light source. This emits polarised light, in other words the light generated by the screen comes out in  a narrow angle. We all had polarising filters on... Continue Reading →

Visions at Fittie

Last month a few of us wandered around Footdee, the old fishing village of Aberdeen. To make things more challenging we were handed a brief to take foto's fitting the following categories: Action, history, colour, texture, different perspective. Here are a few of the shots that members posted on Facebook:

Fire Spinning on the beach 5 April 2018

Kevin organised a brilliant evening on the beach to demonstrate his fire spinning skills. An unprecedented number of Visionares turned up near the Beach Ballroom armed with with cameras and tripods. Basically Kevin stuffs some fine wirewool in a whisk attached to a piece of string. He lights the wirewool with a small battery and... Continue Reading →

Lighting – July 2017

On Thursday 19th July we had an indoor practical session with the new lights and backdrop. The first group were photographing still life/flowers.   The second group were trying their hand at portraits.  Needless to say this group was the most fun and soon everyone had gravitated over to that side of the room. The... Continue Reading →

Food Photography – March 2017

On Thursday 30th March, we had a real treat - well lots of treats really.  Diane from Jotolio Photography came along to teach us about food photography.  We were all invited to bring along some food to photograph and we excelled ourselves. There was everything from a wonderful cake with glazed fruit on top, to chocolates, eggs with... Continue Reading →

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