Astro Photo Outing

After an excellent talk by Simon White on Astro Photography he took us out a few weeks later to give us a chance to try it out for ourselves. After a change of venue to avoid low lying mist in the valleys, ten of us met at Tomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland on a clear and chilly night. So chilly in fact that on collapsing my tripod at the end of the evening it had ice on the legs.

An added bonus was the appearance of the Northern Lights, two subjects for the price of one!

The Visions Astro team slowly freezing up, so there was not much subject movement. Aurora even visible on this iPhone shot by Dave Lynch.

Milky way shots by various Visions members. Click on the image to see the author’s name. It’s interesting how camera settings and editing create so many different interpretations.

Altogether a great outing, Simon White from WhiteSky Photographics was excellent with his knowledge of the night sky and thanks to Dave Lynch for organising us and coming round to check we were all using sensible settings on our cameras.

Lessons learned: bring a red head torch so as not to blind yourself and fellow photographers, wear warm socks and bring those handwarmer sachets to thaw out cold fingers. I never found a pair of gloves that work when adjusting those camera buttons, so ended up not using any.

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