Visions at Fittie

Last month a few of us wandered around Footdee, the old fishing village of Aberdeen. To make things more challenging we were handed a brief to take foto's fitting the following categories: Action, history, colour, texture, different perspective. Here are a few of the shots that members posted on Facebook:

Puffin hunting – 7 June 2018

On the 7th of June Visions organised a wee trip to RSPB Fowlheugh Reserve at Crawton, just south of Stonehaven. Thousands of seabirds nest here on the steep cliffs, mainly razorbills, kittiwakes, guillemots, fulmars and still a few puffins. As puffins are cute and colourful they are a popular bird to photograph. Puffins only come... Continue Reading →

Visions goes to Spectra

Please click on the photos to see them larger and the  galleries to scroll through the photos with the photographer's names. On Thursday 9th February Visions Camera Club went en masse to Spectra, Aberdeen's annual Festival of Light. At least twenty members visited the festival some going back more than once to try for that 'special' photo.  Over 175... Continue Reading →

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