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Last month a few of us wandered around Footdee, the old fishing village of Aberdeen. To make things more challenging we were handed a brief to take foto’s fitting the following categories: Action, history, colour, texture, different perspective. Here are a few of the shots that members posted on Facebook:

Puffin hunting – 7 June 2018

On the 7th of June Visions organised a wee trip to RSPB Fowlheugh Reserve at Crawton, just south of Stonehaven. Thousands of seabirds nest here on the steep cliffs, mainly razorbills, kittiwakes, guillemots, fulmars and still a few puffins. As puffins are cute and colourful they are a popular bird to photograph.

Puffins only come ashore to breed and make their nests in burrows on cliff tops. This protects the young from airborne predators, but makes them vulnerable to predators like rats, cats etc. They spend the rest of their lives out at sea. Puffins mainly feed on sand eels, which seem to be less abundant in this area possibly due to the warming of the seawater or overfishing in the North Sea. This has led to a  decrease in puffin numbers, but we still found a few who were eager to pose for a few environmental portraits.

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Visions’ Visit to Midmar Stones and Kirk

The Stones of Blood

Rob Romani
Rob Romani

‘It was wonderful to go to the Church and see its magnificent stone circle lit up as I was approaching. Such superb use of lighting reflecting on the 4,000 year old stones’.
Elspeth McKay Minister of Mid Mar and Echt Parish Churches.


Audrey Hampton
Audrey Hampton

On a mild winter’s night we made the trip out to an ancient place of worship, The Stones and Kirk of Midmar,  where there was also a graveyard to get creative with. Continue reading “Visions’ Visit to Midmar Stones and Kirk”

Visions goes to Spectra

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On Thursday 9th February Visions Camera Club went en masse to Spectra, Aberdeen’s annual Festival of Light. At least twenty members visited the festival some going back more than once to try for that ‘special’ photo.  Over 175 photos were uploaded to Facebook …….

But first sustenance needed to be ingested….

Derek Gray
Derek Gray

Continue reading “Visions goes to Spectra”

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