Quarterly competition: Humour

On Thursday 6th January, Visions held its first meeting of the year.  Over 30 photos had been submitted for the quarterly competition on the subject of Humour. As we found this subject somewhat difficult, we were allowed to choose a photo we had taken at any time. We were asked to submit any photo that made us smile.

Here are some of the entries.

Please click on any photo to view the galleries at full size.

Laughter is infectious as shown by these photos:

Children are always good for a laugh

Then, of course, animals especially man’s best friend, always make us smile.

It is always worth looking out for clever signage

There were those photos where ‘you just had to be there’

And the ones where you were glad that you weren’t

And finally there was the just plain clever

This clever photo, by Rob, unfortunately got missed off the presentation.

ROB: Intruder Alert
ROB: Intruder Alert

There was a great turnout on the night and here are the results:

Graeme’s ‘Dog Learning to Ride a Bike’ took first place.

Graeme:Learning to Ride a Bike
Graeme:Learning to Ride a Bike

Gregg’s rather strange photo took second place


And Mel’s rather shy squirrel took 3rd


Which was your favourite?

More Club Photos


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