Friendly critiques

This collection of points on critiquing  photos is courtesy of various experts on Google.  Because of copyright issues, I have had to replace the photos used in my original club presentation with those from our own members.  The ones used to illustrate poor technique I take full responsibility for! What is a critique?  A critique is not a... Continue Reading →

Visions goes to Spectra

Please click on the photos to see them larger and the  galleries to scroll through the photos with the photographer's names. On Thursday 9th February Visions Camera Club went en masse to Spectra, Aberdeen's annual Festival of Light. At least twenty members visited the festival some going back more than once to try for that 'special' photo.  Over 175... Continue Reading →

Quarterly competition: Humour

On Thursday 6th January, Visions held its first meeting of the year.  Over 30 photos had been submitted for the quarterly competition on the subject of Humour. As we found this subject somewhat difficult, we were allowed to choose a photo we had taken at any time. We were asked to submit any photo that made... Continue Reading →

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