Cairnbulg and Fraserburgh – 26 July 2018

Another trip from our summer excursions programme, this time organised by Pamela Adam. First a brief stop at the wreck of the fishing boat at Cairnbulg. Light was rather dull here, so we did not linger too long.

Kirsty Russell 1
The wreck – Kirsty Russell
Rob Romani 2
The wreck shot with a drone – Rob Romani
David Drage 3
David Drage took this one with Fraserburgh in the background

Then onwards to Fraserburgh harbour, where we  wandered around briefly and took a few shots of boats etc.

Our next and final stop was at the Lighthouse Museum which provided more interesting opportunities as the light had now improved and the setting sun was coming through the clouds. We met Derek Gray here and we all tried our version of a shot he was taking.

Rob Romani 4
Derek Gray in action with his assistant Gregor 😉
Rob Romani 3
Drage and son scouting the location
Rob Romani 1
I did say the light improved – Rob Romani
Gregor McAbery 1
Kirsty, Eileen, David and son – Gregor McAbery
Eileen Rodgers 3
Rusting buoys –  Eileen Rodger
Eileen Rodgers 2
More rust – Eileen Rodgers
Eileen Rodgers 1
Symmetry – Eileen Rodgers

Just for fun I’ve posted three versions of more or less the same shot below:

Derek Gray 1
Derek Gray’s original
David Drage 1
David Drage’s version
Rob Romani 5
Rob Romani’s version

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