Drum Castle – 12 July 2018

Something alive
Something made of wood
Something made of stone
Narrow depth of field
Large depth of field

These were our briefs for a brief Thursday evening outing to Drum Castle grounds. Some of us wandered to the gardens around the walled garden which is closed after 5pm, but there is still plenty to look at in this area. Others took photos in the forest, the playground or the castle itself. Below a selection of images posted on Facebook. See if you can work out which category each shot is in?

Steve Roberts 1
Group selfie before the start by Steve Roberts
Mike Murty 2
Drum Castle – Mike Murty
Trevor Stuchbury
In flight macro by Trevor
Steve Roberts 2
Not bad for an iPhone shot – The pond by Steve Roberts
Rob Romani
Minimal depth of field – Rob Romani
Pamela Stuart
Nice shallow depth of field in this macro shot by Pamela Stuart
Mike Murty
Mike Murty’s version of the pond
Kirsty Russell
Even with the gate closed:  the interior of the walled garden by Kirsty Russell
Eileen Rodgers
Tighter crop version by Eileen Rodgers
David Davidson
Trevor, Eileen near the walled garden by David Davidson
Anna Horne
Straight up by Anna Horne
David Davidson 2
Nice bokeh – David Davidson
Annette Murty
Tree bark by Annette Murty
Pamela Stuart 1
Stone rope by Pamela Stuart


Please note: All images on this website are copyright of the respective photographer(s). Contact us for licensing via the contact page.


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