Recent Club Nights: Talks and Feedback

This week we welcomed Ian McCurrach, an ex Art Teacher to the club to give us a talk on composition.  Ian gave us a fascinating insight into the world of art and photography and got us thinking about different ways to compose shots.  He discussed several interesting ideas on composition including symmetry, light and shade, and the golden mean but explained that the composition of a photo takes place in our heads.  He emphasised the fact that there were no set rules for composition and he also shared some of his own superb shots with us.  Ian was delighted to be able to come along to Visions and has happily agreed to come back again to give us some critique on our own photography.

Visions member Sally McPherson gave her version of a “top ten” where she discussed her bucket list of photography ideas and techniques she wanted to learn when joining Visions two years ago.  She showed ten photos which inspired her and then her own take on each one once she had learned how to use specific techniques.  These included a variety of subjects such as bokeh, long exposure shots and puffins!

Last week at the club we had a “show and share” evening where members voluntarily submitted photos for some critique.  The members sat in groups to discuss each of the photos and then we compared notes and had a discussion afterwards on each one.  Discussing our photos and ideas on photography is an excellent way to learn and improve, and was received well by club members.

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