Visions Internal Competitions

Visions is a club that welcomes all levels of photographers.  Our internal competitions are friendly and everyone should feel comfortable entering.

We try to keep the rules to a minimum  – the main aims of these competitions are to have fun and to improve our photography in that order!

All Internal Competitions

  1. We would like to encourage all members to enter these fun competitions.
  2. Please submit no more than 2 images each.
  3. Images may be taken on any camera or phone.
  4. Images may be straight out of the camera, edited images or composite images so long as all elements were taken by the photographer.
  5. Images should be submitted as best quality jpegs. Please view your photo before submitting to ensure you are not submitting a tiny image.
  6. Entries should be uploaded to the Club Dropbox by midnight on the closing date, using a link that will be published on Facebook. It is not necessary for the member to have Dropbox themselves to use this link.
  7. Most entries will be deleted from Dropbox after the competition. The exception to this will be some photographs that we be kept (with the photographer’s permission) as possible Grampian Eye entries.
  8. IMPORTANT:  Before uploading your images please rename your file with the title of your image e.g. mybestimage.jpg.  (Your name will come through automatically as you are logged into Facebook)
  9. Please ask any committee member if you need any help saving or submitting your images.
  10. Only paid up members may enter these competitions, so please check you have paid the treasurer for this quarter.

Quarterly Competitions

  1. There are four quarterly rounds of the competition each year.
  2. There will be a set theme for each competition.

Annual Photographer of the Year

  1. There will be one competition in Spring of each year.
  2. The competition is open with no set theme.
  3. All images entered in the competition must have been taken in the year preceding the competition.
  4. Photos that have been previously entered in a quarterly competition may be resubmitted to this annual competition.
  5. The prize for this competition will be a trophy for the winner and a year’s membership of the club.


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