Visions Committee nominations 2018 AGM

Visions 2018 AGM

Susan Gordon
Proposed: Annette Murty,  Seconded: Pamela Adam

Vice President
Pamela Adam
Proposed: Annette Murty     Seconded: Susan Gordon

Gregor McAbery
Proposed:  Rob Romani    Seconded: Annette Murty

Lynda Gordon – to be confirmed and only if club votes to change fee payment method.
Proposed:  Susan Gordon,  Seconded: Annette Murty

Web Coordinator
Rob Romani
Proposed:  Annette Murty,  Seconded: Trevor Stuchbury

Competitions Secretary
David Drage/Michele Emslie
Proposed: Kevin Dawson,  Seconded: Susan Gordon

Ordinary Members
To be confirmed.

Visions 2018 AGM


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