Visions Committee Roles

Our committee is made up of about 10 members; some hold key roles and others help out when needed as well as adding their ideas and opinions to the pot.

Our non committee members are also great at helping out with events, both online and in person.

Being on the committee allows you to shape the way the club is run as well as suggesting events that match your own interests. It is also a fun thing to do, getting to know other committee members who all share your interest in photography.

Office Bearer Roles


  • Main face of the club
    • Key contact with other clubs
    • Introduces meetings/welcomes members/thanks speakers
  • Keeps an eye on the overall running of the club, ensuring that the aims and interests of the Club, and its membership in particular, are addressed at all times.
    • Calls committee meetings, sets the agenda and chairs the meetings
    • Calls the AGM (and any EGMs)and chairs the meeting
      • Gives a President’s report on the past year
  • Plays a key role in settling any issues with members
  • Has the deciding vote on key issues after consultation with the committee.

Vice President

  • Assists the President in the above role
  • Stands in for the President in any of the above when necessary especially committee meetings
  • Leads on any additional tasks/projects as required


  • Be the main point of contact for the club for information and enquiries and respond to these enquiries in good time.
  • Monitor Club email address
    • Forward WordPress emails to webmaster
  • Respond to new member enquires and pass on information to treasurer and rest of committee
    • Maintain a welcome pack/email to send to new members, including link to web pages
    • Ensure that all members are aware of the club constitution and the rules and guidelines of the club competitions and to ensure that these are updated appropriately.
  • Write and publish minutes of Committee meetings 


  • Main contact for Visions Bank Account
    • Arrange any payments of invoices, members expenses etc
  • Responsible for collection of fees from members and keeping a record of these payments
  • Keep a record of all income/expenditure and report on this to committee
  • Maintain a mailing list of paid-up members.

Web Co-ordinator (Social Media Co-ordinator)

We have a WordPress Website, an internal Facebook group, an external Facebook page and an Instagram page.

The external sites are very important for attracting new members

  • Ensure the Website is kept up to date
    • Keep home page current with new images
    • Update committee page after each change of members
    • Keep Events page current after any changes/additions
    • When time permits, create a blog of an interesting event/competition run by the club
  • Ensure WordPress subscription are paid

Competition Secretary

This can be split into two roles: external and internal competitions secretaries

Entries for competitions both internal and external are managed using PhotoEntry

  • Run 3 quarterly competitions and one Photo of the Year competition annually.
    • Arrange judge if required
    • Arrange dates, set up competition on Photoentry and advertise to members
    • Prepare any Powerpoint presentations required for judging night
    • Arrange any prizes
  • Decide with committee which external competitions the club will enter
    • Set up Photoentry competition to collect entries
    • Advertise to members
    • Arrange selection of photos
    • Submit photos to competition

Events Secretary

Events are discussed/planned with the whole committee but it would be helpful if one person was responsible for the smooth running of the club’s programme. Each event should be allocated a lead person from the committee who is responsible for advertising and running the event.

  • Lead events discussions at committee meetings, bringing suggestions and ideas to the meeting
    • Research new ideas/contacts and add to list on Google Drive
  • Update the Google drive spreadsheet with events and who is leading the event
  • Ensure web co-ordinator updates the Web Events page with new events or changes
  • Occasionally collect thoughts and ideas from the membership

Ordinary Member

These tasks are also carried out by all officer roles

  • To attend committee meetings and input to all decision making
  • To keep an eye on the committee Facebook page and give opinions when required
  • To take part in programme planning, suggesting ideas for events
  • To run events (when and if you feel confident to do so)
  • To support any ongoing business of the committee to possibly include
    • Leading Zoom breakout rooms
    • Being an active participant on Facebook group encouraging the members
    • Helping with any projects such as advertising campaign

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