Visions members snap local wildlife

Several of our Visions members have been busy out and about getting photos of some of our local wildlife which is beginning to appear this spring.  Here is a selection of some of our recent shots.

Visions Members Capture the Eclipse

Several of our Visions members were able to view and capture the solar eclipse in and around Aberdeen yesterday morning.  An eclipse is a rare sight to see, and we were lucky enough to catch enough breaks in the clouds to get some images from a variety of locations including Dunnottar Castle, the Ythan at Newburgh and a school roof!  Here are some of the resulting shots.


Last night some of our intrepid Visions members went along to Spectra, Aberdeen’s festival of light. Here are some of the images from the evening.

Natural Phenomonen Captured by Visions Member

Lucky Visions member Derek Gray saw a Brocken Spectre while descending Cul Mor on the west coast, and managed to get this fantastic shot of it.  A Brocken spectre is a magnified shadow of the observer cast against mist or cloud and surrounded by a rainbow.  It can only be seen when certain conditions are met and each observer can only see his/her own Brocken Spectre.  Thanks to Derek for sharing his image with us.

Derek Gray
Derek Gray

Marek Kargier: From Digicam to DSLR Talk

This Thursday we heard a talk by one of Visions most enthusiastic members, Marek Kargier.  Marek talked to us about his photography addiction, how he developed his passion for photography and some of the techniques he uses.  Marek enjoys landscape photography and is famed in the club for getting up extremely early in the morning to capture a sunrise and he has been using a lot of black and white photography more recently.  To see more of Marek’s excellent work have a look at his Flickr page below:

Marek Kargier
Marek Kargier



November Photo Selection

Here are a selection of this month’s Vision members photos.  These photos are taken from our Facebook page which club members use to share photos and ideas, ask for advice and find out information about our upcoming club nights and events.

Graeme Youngson: Edinburgh Revisited Talk

This week at Visions one of our members Graeme Youngson gave us an excellent talk where he showed us a selection of his wonderful Edinburgh pictures. Graeme lived in Edinburgh for a few years and he shared his knowledge of the area which was fascinating to hear. Graeme is well known for his unique photography at Visions, so much so that it is affectionately known as ‘Graeme Youngson style’ which many of our members have been inspired to attempt for themselves.



This Thursday at Visions member Steve Roberts showed us how to take photos of bubbles.  This proved to be a tricky challenge but we had a lot of fun trying.

We also heard the results of our recent Picture Tells a Story competition via a video from our judge, former member Suzie Edge.  Thanks very much to Suzie for taking the time to judge the competition and provide us with interesting feedback.  The winner was Kirsty McAbery with Carms Ramos in 2nd place and Sally McPherson in 3rd place.  The entries can be viewed here:

Picture Tells a Story Competition Results


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