Grampian Eye 2019 Rules


 Constitution and Rules


  1. In order to participate in the Grampian Eye a club must meet the definition of club as detailed in PAGB and SPF rules: namely:- “A camera club, photographic society, photographic club or photographic group with a published constitution and a published programme of events, united by a common interest in photography, meeting in person for mutual cooperation, education, entertainment or competition and conducted solely from a physical location within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man”
  2. The Grampian Eye is a Projected Digital Image competition open to all clubs within the SPF designated Grampian area whose constitution is compliant with SFP/PAGB definition of a club. A club on joining the Grampian Eye will be required to pay a one off payment of £25.00 as a membership fee on being accepted as a participant.

a) At the discretion of the host club each participating club will provide an entry fee of up to £25.00 to cover the cost of running the event.

b) In event of a club making a loss in running the competition each club will pay up to a maximum of £25.00; the proportional loss being divided equally between the entering clubs.

  1. The Grampian Eye Competition will hold an Annual General Meeting and host club will nominate a chair for the AGM; the AGM is open to all participating clubs. Each club will have one vote regardless of the number of members present at AGM. In addition the host club will advertise the date of the AGM well in advance of the competition
  2. Clubs who meet the requirements of Rule 1 seeking admission to the competition will be invited to attend the AGM as observers and will not be entitled to vote.
  3. Each club will provide details of two contacts to the host club to ensure communications are maintained between host club and participants; any subsequent change in contact details must be notified to the host club. 
All email correspondence between host club and member will use the BCC feature in the E Mail options to ensure compliance with Data Protection Act.
  4. Clubs who have not competed in the Grampian Eye competition may make a written application to the Grampian Eye secretary at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting and admission to the competition will be by a simple majority vote of all clubs attending the AGM. In the event of a tie the chairperson will have the casting vote. In the event of an additional club wishing to join the Grampian Eye between the AGM and the event, the club will be directed to the host club for the competition and advised on the requirements for participation.
  5. In the event a new club wishing to participate giving less than 3 months notice prior to the date of the event, participation will be deferred to the next AGM. Admission of all new participants to the Grampian Eye competition will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Grampian Eye is a non-profit making event and at the AGM whatever remains from the contingency fund will be allocated to next host club with any surplus being distributed to the charity(s) of the host clubs choice.
  7. The AGM will agree the club to host the Grampian Eye at least 2 years in advance to allow the club time to prepare for the event.</l
  8. At the time the AGM agrees the host club those present will agree a list of judges’ names for the host club to consider for selection. Judges selected for consideration must not be used for any club competition in the period between the commencement of club season and the Grampian Eye event.  The host club will advise all participating clubs at the earliest opportunity of the name of the selected judge.
  9. In event of an issue that may/will impact on the running of the event the host club will contact all clubs participating in the competition to request help or guidance.
  10. Each club will submit 12 images with a maximum of two images per member. Each participating club must have membership to comply with the number of images per member
  11. The images submitted must be in JPEG format with the maximum image size of 1600 x 1200, with a resolution of a maximum of 300 pixels per inch (PPI). Images must not contain layers; they must be ‘flattened’ prior to submission.The image itself must not display the title or photographer name; nor must the photographer or club be identifiable from the image metadata. Every image must have a title of up to a maximum of thirty characters. The titles must correspond to the details on the entry form.
  12. No photographer may represent more than one club.
  13. Images entered in previous Grampian Eye or Grampian Cup competitions or those so 
similar as to be indistinguishable are ineligible
  14. The competing club entries are to be submitted on a USB Memory stick or other 
electronic means; in event of using other electronic means this will be subject to acceptance. The USB will be marked using a pen as Grampian Eye, the year of competition and club name. The host club will issue a printed entry form to all participating clubs on which clubs will enter details of each image title and photographers name.
  15. Entries will be presented to the judge in alphabetical order in three sections so that randomised lists will be judged in successive sessions during the day.
  16. Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. As an Open competition composite images are permitted provided all component images are the work of the photographer. The use of images from any source including but not limited to, royalty free image banks, textures and clip art are not permitted.
  17. A set of all images with the marks awarded will be sent to participating clubs after the event for subsequent viewing by club members.
  18. Trophies held by previous winners must be returned to the host club at least two weeks prior to the competition date. Winning clubs and clubs with winning image authors should take responsibility for care and engraving of the trophies for that year. If a tie of winners occurs at a competition they should share the trophy as decided between them.


The Awards are:

Grampian Eye Trophy
Awarded to the club with the highest aggregate score

Grampian Plate Trophy
Awarded to the runner up club.

Grampian Cup
Awarded to the photographer of the best image along with a SPF Silver Medal

Wee cup for the runner up image along with a SPF Bronze Medal

Made at the discretion of the judge

In addition the following may be awarded

An SPF Bronze Medal may be awarded as the Chairman’s choice in addition to the above awards

Individual category awards to be selected by the judge for the following may be made at the hosting club’s discretion:

  • Best Landscape
  • Best Monochrome
  • Best Nature
  • Best Portrait


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