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About the Competition

This competition runs annually in April and is open to all clubs in the Grampian region. Typically about 12 clubs take part. Visions has taken part since 2017 and has generally done quite well. We always hope to do better though!

Rules of the competition

  • Each club will submit 12 images with a maximum of two images per member.
  • The images can be of any subject and taken at any time, so long as they have not been used for Grampian Eye before.
  • The images submitted must be in JPEG format
  • The maximum image size of 1600 x 1200, with a resolution of a maximum of 300 pixels per inch (PPI).
  • Images must not contain layers; they must be ‘flattened’ prior to submission.
  • The image itself must not display the title or photographer name; nor must the photographer or club be identifiable from the image metadata.
  • Every image must have a title of up to a maximum of thirty characters.
  • No photographer may represent more than one club.
  • Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. As an Open competition composite images are permitted provided all component images are the work of the photographer. The use of images from any source including but not limited to, royalty free image banks, textures and clip art are not permitted.


The Awards are:

  • Grampian Eye Trophy – awarded to the club with the highest aggregate score
  • Grampian Plate Trophy – awarded to the runner up club.
  • Grampian Cup – Awarded to the photographer of the best image along with a SPF Silver Medal
  • Wee cup – for the runner up image along with a SPF Bronze Medal
  • Commendations – made at the discretion of the judge

In addition the following may be awarded

  • An SPF Bronze Medal may be awarded as the Chairman’s choice in addition to the above awards
  • Individual category awards to be selected by the judge for the following may be made at the hosting club’s discretion:
    • Best Landscape
    • Best Monochrome
    • Best Nature
    • Best Portrait

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