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Susan Gordon

Susan Gordon

I have been a member of Visions since 2015 and a  Committee member since 2017.  I  really enjoy experimenting with new (to me) photography ideas and learning from my fellow Visionaries.


David Drage
Vice President

I have been a member of Visions for just a few years.  A couple of years ago I returned to photography after a 25 year break. I enjoy most types of photography although I would like to progress with landscape, nature and portrait. 

Heather Sharkey – Club Secretary

Former Club President, now returned in a new role. Awaiting a portrait photo by David Bailey.

Lynda Gordon – Club Treasurer.

I joined Visions in autumn 2017 and was persuaded in March 2018 to join the committee as treasurer. My main passion is travelling to remote places and photographing wildlife, also landscapes. I enjoy the diversity that the Club provides and value the opportunity to pick up hints and tips on photography from other members.

Anna Horne

Kevin Dawson –
Competitions Secretary 1

Shoots almost anything, master of fire spinning

Michele Emslie –
Competitions Secretary 2

Michele is a keen landscape and wildlife photographer who recently showed us some great images of the northern lights taken in Scotland.

Rob Romani

Rob Romani
Web coordinator

Joined in 2016 and a committee member in 2017.  Enjoy landscape and travel photography, but will take photos of almost anything. Even a wedding a few years ago…

Pamela Adam

Pamela Adam
Ordinary member

and provider of cake when I get a day off.  Total amateur. Street , Historical Sites and family are my usual subjects.

Gregor McAbery

Gregor McAbery
Ordinary member

& co-founder of the club in 2011.

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