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Page updated March 29th ,2021

Susan Gordon

I have been a member of Visions since 2015 and a  Committee member since 2017.  I  really enjoy experimenting with new (to me) photography ideas and learning from my fellow Visionaries.


David Drage
Vice-President/Web Coordinator

I enjoy most types of photography, although I mainly concetrate on landscape, nature and portraiture. 

Sallie Antill

’I’m relatively new to the club and definitely still a novice on the photography side. My particular interest is the natural environment but also have an appreciation of engineering and the built environment. Keen to improve my (lack of!) skills.’

Lynda Gordon Club Treasurer.

I joined Visions in autumn 2017 and was persuaded in March 2018 to join the committee as treasurer. My main passion is travelling to remote places and photographing wildlife, also landscapes. I enjoy the diversity that the Club provides and value the opportunity to pick up hints and tips on photography from other members.

Annette Murty

Annette Murty
External Competition Secretary/Web Coordinator

I joined Visions in 2016 and have been on the committee on and off for several years. I mostly enjoy landscape and macro though since joining Visions I now try many other genres of photography.

Internal Competition Secretary: Post Vacant.

Please contact a member of the committee if you would like to take on this role – there would be lots of help available.

Pamela Adam

Pamela Adam
Ordinary member

and provider of cake when I get a day off.  Total amateur. Street , Historical Sites and family are my usual subjects.

Gregor McAbery

Gregor McAbery
Ordinary member

& co-founder of the club in 2011.

Alan Meek
Ordinary member

Keen wildlife and night sky photographer. Gets up pre-dawn for his hobby.

Vartika Khanna Ordinary member

I’ve been a member of the club since October 2020, so I’m relatively new. I really enjoy taking photos of people and do quite a lot of food photography. Always keen to try something new.

Iain Cridland Ordinary member

I joined the club at the start 2021 after rediscovering photography. My main interest is landscape and urban photography. I would like to do more portrait work when I become more confident.

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