2022 Autumn Quarterly: Reflections


  • Critique night at club on Thursday 25th August to choose the best photos for your team to submit.
  • Choose a team name- please let Annette know this.


Sgathan Magicians

Dave Lynch (team leader)
Andy Reader
Anna Horne
Amanda Reid
Eileen Rodgers

Team 2

David Drage (team leader)
Trevor Stuchbury
Roger Barnett
Gregor McAbery

Team 3

Susan Gordon (Team leader)
Kirsty Russell
David Alexander Lee
Graeme Youngson
Mags Grosvenor

Double Vision

Colin Barclay Iteam leader)
Annette Murty
Pamela Stuart
Ian Grosvenor

Team 5

Iain Cridland (team leader)
Debbie Krukowski
Rob Romani
Hugh Smith
Mike Murty


  • Photos must have been taken since June 18th when the competition was announced
  • 8 photos to be submitted by each team with at least one from each team member and no more than 3 from any one person.
  • Each photo should be the work of the individual team member but of course any help and advice from the rest of the team is allowed.


By Wednesday 24th August – Submit your best photos to your team leader – I would suggest 6 max If you need help whittling down to 6 (Colin?) I suggest you arrange a team Zoom meeting.

On Thursday 25th August – Final Selection night for your team at Ruthrieston – choose the 8 best photos with at least one from each person and no more than 3 from any one person. Remember to consider photo titles. Team leaders get the final choice.

By Tuesday 30th August – Individuals to submit their selected photos to the PhotoEntry competition under the Quarterlies competition group: Autumn Team Quarterly – Reflections.

I will then compile the photos so each team has an equal number in each half of the competition and will send them anonymously to the judge.


Judging will take place at Ruthrieston Community Centre.

The judge will be Iain Smith from Westhill Camera Club.

The judging will be in two halves with four photos from each team in each half.

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