For the foreseeable future Visions meetings will be run fortnightly online using ZOOM. We will also run a series of fun photo competitions on our member Facebook page. Please note we are trialing an earlier start time of 6.30 p.m.
This programme is available for members only but please do request to join us via email below.

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June 4th 

Photoshop and Lightroom Demos. Find out how Martin produced that wonderful creepy image of Edinburgh Castle that he posted on Facebook.
Also Alan will demo how to set up a very useful preset in Lightroom.
Facebook Photo Competition: #Happiness

Annette Murty

June 18th

Member Presentation:Patagonia – The trip that never was! Hear why Lynda never made it to Patagonia and instead see some wonderful photos from Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Cape Horn, the Magellan Straits and the Falkland Islands
Facebook Photo Competition: #Shadows

Lynda Gordon

July 2nd

Any Questions? Members may submit questions in advance to the experts on any photography related topics. 
Facebook Photo Competition: #FoodandDrink

Kevin Dawson

July 16th

Critique night This will be your chance to get helpful critique on your photographs by other members . 
Facebook Photo Competition: Land, sea or garden scapes #Scapes

Susan Gordon
Annette Murty 

July 30th

Member Presentation John Downey will be presenting another selection of excellent photographs from his travels in Altai (Siberia and Mongolia) 
Facebook Photo Competition: #Young

Lynda Gordon

July 30th

Member’s evening. We will be looking for volunteers to present short items (10 – 20 mins) on a subject of their choice. This could be a selection of their photos, a talk on their favourite new camera or a demo in lightroom or photoshop etc.
Facebook Photo Competition: My pets and other animals #animals

Annette Murty

If you have any questions please contact us on