For the foreseeable future Visions meetings will be run fortnightly online using ZOOM. We will also run a series of fun photo competitions on our member Facebook page. Please note we are trialing an earlier start time of 6.30 p.m.
This programme is available for members only but please do request to join us via email below.

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July 30th

Member Presentation John Downey will be presenting another selection of excellent photographs from his travels in Altai (Siberia and Mongolia) 
Facebook Photo Competition: #Young (closes Sunday 9th August)

Lynda Gordon

Aug 6th

Outing: Seaton Park

Cancelled because of new Covid restrictions – sorry everyone

Annette Murty

Aug 13th

Member’s evening. We will be looking for volunteers to present short items (10 – 20 mins) on a subject of their choice. This could be a selection of their photos, a talk on their favourite new camera or a demo in lightroom or photoshop etc.

No Facebook competition this week to allow people time to prepare their quarterly competition entries. You may however post any non-competition photos on the theme of water

Annette Murty

Aug 20th

Stonehaven Outing.

Lynda Gordon

Aug 27th

Quarterly competition.

Theme: Water.

Photos may be taken at any time and any place. Photographs to be added to PhotoEntry by 20th August, 2020. Max two entries each. This will be judged by attendees at the Zoom meeting.

Facebook Photo Competition: My pets and other animals #Animals (closes Sunday 6th Sept at 5pm)

Annette Murty

Sept 5th

Crathes Outing

Alan Meek

Sept 10th

Zoom Meeting: Edit This

Photo files will be provided out of the camera for members to try their hand at editing. We will look at all the different edits people have come up with. Always a popular night!

Facebook Photo Competition: #Buildings (closes Sunday Sept 20th at 5pm)

Annette Murty

Sept 24th

Zoom Guest Speaker : Rosemary Wilman from Surrey

“My current lecture, ‘The Way I See It’, includes images from a number of the modules listed under Lectures. In some, by showing a series of images rather than just those that are for me the most successful, I try to provide ideas for less experienced photographers. I enjoy evenings with an interactive audience, with questions and discussions throughout.”

Facebook Photo Competition: Bees and other Insects #Insects

Annette Murty

Oct 22nd

Guest Speaker : Paul Stanley from Dublin.

“I am a travel and street photographer, but I also dabble in Long Exposure photography, principally coastal and architectural. My typical presentation covers a selection of my recent images from all of these genres.”

Annette Murty

Dec 3rd

Photo of the Year

Theme: Open

Closing date: 1st November

Photos to be taken between 1st November 2019 and 1st November 2020.

Judge:David Gibbins from Nottingham.

Annette Murty

If you have any questions please contact us on