Minutes of the Grampian Eye AGM 2018

Minutes of the Grampian Eye AGM 2018

held at

Westhill Community Church, Old Skene Road, Westhill, AB32 6AQ

On 21ST May 2018 at 7.00 p.m.


1.              Present:            

Nigel Corby Deeside Trevor MacPherson Deveron
Ian Rennie Deveron Brian Doyle Mearns
Neil McGoldrich Craigewan David Johnson Craigewan
Bill Taylor Forres George Taylor Forres
Allan Gawthorpe Bon-Accord Bob Smith Bon-Accord
Ian Mitchell Bon-Accord Helen Mitchell Bon-Accord
Anna Horne Visions Pamela Adam Visions
Michele Emslie Visions Guy Carnegie Garioch
Mamdud Hossain Westhill Andrew Smith Garioch
Neal Hodge Westhill Bruce Christie Westhill
John Macgregor Moray Kathleen Reid Westhill
Audrey Hampton Westhill Kelly Deans Westhill
Bob Thorp Deeside


2.              Minutes of the last AGM held at Belwade Farm.

 a.              Amendments requested to Minutes. 

There were no amendments requested to the Minutes.

b.              The Minutes were taken as read and proposed by George Taylor of Forres      and seconded by David Johnson of Craigewan.                                        .

 3.              Accounts for Grampian Eye 2018

a.              Report and Accounts by Westhill Photography Club for the 2018 event were reviewed and discussed.   Bruce Christie advised that only 12 clubs participated this year therefore the GE entry fees generated only £300.   Tickets for entry to venue generated £1,400 and raffle sales of £2,269.00 from general raffle tickets, the 3 Colin Prior Workshops and the Sports Photography Day at Pittodrie with Stephen Dobson.  These sums along with the £400 received from Deeside Camera Club amounted to £4409.00.    After deduction of costs of raffle prizes and cups of £330.00, programmes £78.00, Gratuity to Judge £100.00, Hire of Hall £190.00 and Catering £1,506.00 and passing of the £400.00 floating balance to Visions, the balance remaining of £1,805.00 is to be split equally between Charlie House and the Butterfly Trust.    Bruce also advised that as we had not received the final invoice from the Catering Company this amount may change slightly.

b.              The cost of entry ticket for 2019 was discussed and Visions requested permission to raise the cost from £10.00 to £12.50.   After discussion it was the general consensus the host club should be allowed to fix the entry cost after taking into account the cost of venue, catering etc.      


4.              Format of Images

 At the 2017 AGM it was decided that for judging the images would remain at 1400×1050 pixels but for projection sizes it would be the choice of the host club. 

Is this still the consensus of opinion.    Discussion took place on this matter and it was decided to change the format to 1600 x 1200 x 300 dpi. 

The method and timing of submitting the 12 images from each club was also discussed.   Some of the clubs thought that the timing was too early in the year because they still had club competitions taking place from which images for Grampian Eye could have been chosen.  However, Bruce Christie advised that there was a lot of work involved both in getting the images from each club and in preparing the final submission to the judge for his review.  

At this point Allan Gawthorpe of Bon-Accord asked Visions who they had chosen as a judge.   His reason for this request was so that clubs could avoid choosing that judge for club competitions.  Pamela Adam of Visions advised that as they had not booked a venue nor chosen the date they could not finalise the appointment of a judge.   However, she advised that she was going to approach Peter Paterson as soon as they have booked a venue.  She said that they had several venues in mind, including the Sir Ian Wood Building at Robert Gordon University,  the venue at Aboyne where Deeside hosted in 2017, Ellon Academy and the ****** Lecture Hall at Aberdeen University.    It was suggested by Bob Smith of Bon-Accord that Newton Dee might be worth considering.  


5.              Any Proposed Amendments to the Grampian Eye Rules

            It was agreed that the change to the format of images to 1600 x 1200 x 300 dpi as discussed under item 4 above should be made to the Grampian Eye Rules and distributed to each club.


6.              Garioch Camera Club were in attendance at the meeting represented by Guy Carnegie and Andrew Smith.   They advised that they would like to join Grampian Eye going forward and after a show of hands Garioch Camera Club were duly admitted to Grampian Eye and Bruce Christie welcomed GCC onboard.


7.              Hosts for Grampian Eye 2019, 2020 and 2021

2019 – Visions Photography Club

We have no Clubs hosting 2020 and 2021 at this time.  The Clubs who have already hosted Grampian Eye are:


2009 Forres Camera Club 2010 Moray Camera Club
2011 Peterhead Camera Club 2012 Donside Camera Club
2013 Mearns Camera Club 2014 Bon-Accord Camera Club
2015 Deveron Camera Club 2016 Craigewan Photography Group
2017 Deeside Camera Club 2018 Westhill Photography Club


Clubs taking part this year were:

Aberdeen Camera Club Bon-Accord Camera Club
Craigewan Photographic Group Deeside Camera Club
Deveron Camera Club Donside Camera Club
Forres Camera Club Fraserburgh Photographic Society
Mearns Camera Club Moray Camera Club
Visions Photography Club Westhill Photography Club

 Volunteers to host 2020 and 2021 were requested from those present.   

 Forres agreed to host in 2020 and Moray in 2021 to coincide with the 75th Anniversay of their club.   

8.              The matter of a Permanent Venue for Grampian Eye Competition Day was discussed and it was decided that this was not a viable option.

9.              The matter of replacement of current trophies and purchase of a trophy for the President’s choice was discussed and it was decided that this could not be done because the history of the competition would be lost.    It was suggested that the addition to the plinth on each trophy could be added to make room for new winners in due course. 

10.           A.O.C.B.


Aberdeen Camera Club
Bon-Accord Camera Club
Craigewan Photographic Group
Deeside Camera Club
Deveron Camera Club
Donside Camera Club
Forres Camera Club
Fraserburgh Photographic Society
Garioch Camera Club
Mearns Camera Club
Moray Camera Club
Visions Photography Club
Westhill Photography Club



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