Upcoming Events

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, events may change at the last minute. Members should check the Facebook group page for the most recent information)

Last updated: 11th September 2017

 September 14th
NEOS Friends and Family event
This is your opportunity to showcase your work and that of other Visions members to your friend and family, and hopefully make a few sales too.

 September 21st
Committee Meeting
There is no club night, why not sort out your Sports and Activity photos for the quarterly competition.

 September 28th
Funky Light Session Inside
Come along with your cameras (and maybe tripods) to take some interesting photos with our new toys. Should be a fun night.

 October 5th
Quarterly Competition Judging
Self judging of our quarterly competition,’Sports and activities’. This will be followed by a friendly critique of some of the photos.

 October 12th
Sicily and Gdansk
Heather is presenting her photos and talking about her recent trips.

 October 19th
Member’s Evening
All members are invited to give a short presentation of their photos. Please volunteer via Facebook

Printing presentation
Photoghost are coming along to give us information about the printing process, different printing paper etc and Rob will give a short presentation on how to prepare your photos for printing.

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