Upcoming Events

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, events may change at the last minute. Members should check the Facebook group page for the most recent information)

Last updated: 12th July 2017

 July 13th
Graeme: Silhouette Competition Judging & Friendly Critique

The self judging of our quarterly competition: Silhouettes, followed by a friendly critique session of the entries.

 July 20th
Duthie Park Activity photo session

Join us in nearby Duthie Park with your camera to take some evening photos of the park. If wet we are planning an informal shooting session in the hall with the new backgrounds. This is also an opportunity to ask about any photography problems you might be having.

 July 27th
Kerry: Facebook Themes
Jason: Safari Presentation

Did you make it to the Spring Top 20?
Jason is doing a presentation on a recent Safari.

 August 3rd
Pamela: outing

More details to follow

 August 10th
Committee Meeting

Why not take the opportunity to find some photos for selling at the upcoming NEOS event?

 August 17th
Alan and Michele:Focussing practical

Poor focussing is a common problem in competitions – Michele and Alan are hoping to sort this out!

 August 24th
External speaker on Dunnottar Woods Project
David Officer is using photography, timelapse, sound recording and video to explore the people and wildlife that use the woods over the course of a full year.

 August 31st,September 7th
NEOS preparation
Every year Visions takes part in the local open studios event. Members are able to prepare up to two photographs for sale.

 September 14th
NEOS Friends and Family event
This is your opportunity to showcase your work and that of other Visions members to your friend and family, and hopefully make a few sales too.